Vegetarian “beef” stir-fry

When I was out grocery shopping yesterday, I found these nifty vegetarian imitation beef strips. I took one look and said, “Aha! Perfect for stir-fry!” I’ve heard a lot about these imitation meat products from my veggie friends, and decided to try it out.

So tonight I assembled half a chopped onion, the “beef,” and a package of frozen Asian-style veggies, and stir-fried them up with some soya sauce and sesame seeds. I served it with wild rice (NOT instant, but the type that comes with seasoning packages and takes a half-hour on the stove).

End result:
– The rice was a bit soggy. I must have added too much water. I’ve made good rice before, though, so I know it’s something I can do.
– The “beef” didn’t taste like beef, but it was a close enough substitute. It was also a bit soggy, perhaps because I added water to the stir fry at one point (it wasn’t necessary, but I thought it was at the time). Also, I should probably have marinated it first.
– The veggies turned out well, despite my hesitations of tossing them into the stir-fry directly from the freezer.

All in all, I give it a 6.5/10. It’s okay, but nothing special. I’ve got enough for one or two servings of leftovers, and that’s the last I’ll see of it for a while.


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