Kooky cookies

Back when I was a kid, my mom would sometimes make a treat called “Kooky Cookies.” These were, as the name might imply, cookies. The “kooky” part was that they were made with cake mix instead of the more traditional cookie ingredients. They were my absolute favourite cookie of all time: light, fluffy, cake-y, and full of deliciousness.

For some reason, I’d been thinking of Kooky Cookies a lot lately, and my mom, brilliant and organized woman that she is, managed to find the recipe for me. I was missing one or two ingredients (there’s only 5, and one of those is water, so you can imagine the state of baking products in my house), so I had to wait until the grocery stores were open today before I could make the half-remembered wonder-cookies of my youth.

I made them this afternoon. I may have made two small errors in judgement:
1. On the theory that it’s better for the environment and that I wanted to be able to read and understand all the ingredients in the package, I bought organic cake mix instead of regular.
2. I cooked two of the three dozen-cookie batches at the same time, one above the other in the oven.

The end result is that two of the three dozen-cookie batches are delicious and wonderful. They spread out rather more than I expected (Mom theorizes it’s because of the organic cake mix) and needed to be separated before putting on the cooling racks, but they are wonderful nonetheless. The other dozen (the bottom one when did two at once) stuck to the baking sheet and absolutely refused to leave except in tiny crumbles. They, too, are delicious and wonderful, but they can’t be called, in any strict sense of the word, “cookies.” (On the other hand, my mom and I subscribe to the school of thought that calories leak out of food when it’s broken, so the stuck-to-the-sheet cookie crumbs in fact contain no calories and we can eat as many of them as we want.)

On second thought, I may store the cookie crumbs to use as topping for ice cream. Yum…

Final verdict: 2/3 success. 3/4 success if we count the fact that the dozen non-cookies will be transformed into ice cream topper.


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