Confessions of a non-cook

It has been a perpetual resolution of mine to learn to cook. Really, I can’t do much beyond making pasta, simple sauces / stir fries, and grilled cheese. I can mess up the simplest of dishes. Admittedly, the furthest I’ve come to actually acting on this goal was to watch a lot of video cooking podcasts, but I digress.

So tonight I found myself with a fair amount of free time, staring into pantries, fridge, and freezer.
“Hm… (I thought,) I’ve got pasta and rice; I’m sure I could make one of those.”
“Hm… (I contemplated,) I’ve got canned tuna and salmon that I bet I could do something with. I’ve got canned corn, vegetables, baked beans, meat sauce, and soup. I’ve got fresh garlic, onions, and eggs I’ve been meaning to use. I’ve got frozen chicken strips, lamb chops, and hot dogs that could be turned into something.”

I stared. I pondered. I stared some more.

I made myself a TV dinner.

I fail.

(On the other hand, if someone can suggest something moderately easy I could have cooked with the above ingredients, I’d be very grateful. They’ll still be there tomorrow at lunchtime… and dinnertime.)



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