Mom’s banana bread: the set up

For the last week or so, we’ve had some frozen bananas. I promised Marc if I hadn’t done anything with them in a month, he was allowed to throw them out. So I got my mom’s banana bread recipe and decided to try it out. It involves a low cooking temperature (275) and a long cooking time (2.5 hours).

After a quick grocery run for lemon juice, flour, and a pan, it’s in the oven. Two potential problems: 1. Not sure if I made the sour milk right (poured it from the measuring cup to the cup I was using to hold it before letting it mix properly), 2. Our oven runs hot. Really hot. Like, 50 degrees too hot. I’ve got it set about 50 degrees low now, and it’s still reading 25 too hot as it dissipates the heat from before.

But the important thing is that the banana bread is in the oven. Updates at 6:00.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled viewing.


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