Peanut sauce

Today is a rare and wonderful day in “Adventures in Cooking” land. Yes, sing praises and hymns, today is a day where something came out RIGHT! The first time! I am speaking about this peanut sauce recipe. The only substitutions I made were smooth peanut butter instead of crunchy (it’s what I’ve got on hand) and 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes instead of the hot sauce. (I’m not a big fan of spicy.)

I admit, when I first started out, it looked highly doubtful that the peanut butter would even remotely become “smooth and creamy,” but lo and behold, it did! Huzzah!

On its own, it’s quite strong. And I wouldn’t necessarily put it on chicken or vegetables. But on vermicelli noodles: wonderful! Yay!

Note to self for future reference: Don’t mix peanut butter and soy sauce on top of the white tablecloth, no matter how small the counter space or how much you don’t want to get in Marc’s way when he’s cooking the chicken. White tablecloths + soy sauce + peanut butter = badness. But oh, so tasty badness.


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