Shabbat dinner

Last night, I hosted my first-ever dinner, a Shabbat dinner for my mom, brother, and grandparents. I suppose “cooking” might be a touch too strong of a word, since pretty much everything on the table (except the banana bread) was store-bought, but my cooking skills aren’t quite up to a venture of this size yet.

My mom was extremely helpful, providing assistance in everything from shopping to setting up to doing dishes. Thanks, Mom! I have to say, the table looked very pretty when we set it.

In terms of food served, it was an almost Platonic Shabbat dinner. First course was challah, eggplant and onions, chopped liver, and gefilte fish with horseradish. Then came chicken soup, followed by a main course of barbecue chicken, potato knishes, broccoli, and baby carrots. Dessert was banana bread and fruit. I impressed myself by actually getting everything heated on time, and we all had a wonderful evening.

My grandparents had never seen my apartment before and brought us some traditional housewarming gifts, like bread, salt, a plant, and a piece of candy. (And money, which is also very much appreciated.) My grandfather was really emotional as he was leaving, and you could tell he was thinking, “I lived long enough for my granddaughter to host Shabbat dinner for me.”

The only mar on an otherwise perfectly lovely evening was that Marc was suffering from the three vaccinations he had on Thurdsay (seasonal flu, H1N1, and pneumonia). He woke up just long enough to join us for dinner, and as it was ending, his fever and chills came back, and everyone encouraged him to go to bed. Here’s hoping he’s feeling better today. ‘Cause if he is, there’s leftover banana bread!


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