Butter chicken

When a friend posted this butter chicken recipe on her LJ, I started salivating. But it was too complex for me! Or was it?

On a dare suggestion from another friend, I decided to try it anyway. Bought the ingredients I was missing (most of them) last night and set the chicken to marinating. (Julie sneaky idea #1: Use the pepper mill to grind the coriander seeds, which I only had whole.) Went to sleep. Panicked.

Started cooking around 6:00, and it took about an hour overall, maybe a touch more. The changes I made to the recipe were minimal: I used half the suggested amount of cayenne pepper, slightly more than the suggested amount of onion, and cooking cream (15%) instead of whipping cream (35%). Oh, and I served it on white rice instead of basmati, because it’s what I had on hand.

Despite my panic, it was actually a relatively easy recipe. I discovered towards the end (as I was trying to keep it warm, waiting for Marc to come home) that the entire thing combined is just slightly too much for my pan to handle, at least if I want to put the lid on. Splash! Sizzle on the burner! But I solved that eventually. (Julie sneaky idea #2: Ladle out enough to fill a tupperware and the lid fits fine.)

Final verdict: Very tasty! Definitely one to make again the next time I don’t care about my waistline.

Note: This recipe makes a lot of sauce. I’ve probably got about a litre of sauce left. (That’s a quart, for the Americans in the audience.) On the other hand, I’d be perfectly happy with a meal of sauce and rice, so that’s all right then.


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