Vegetable stir-fry

Today’s lunch was a (relatively) simple stir-fry of onions, red pepper, carrots, bean sprout, and water chestnuts (mmm… water chestnuts). The only seasoning was some soy sauce and black pepper. Everything served over white rice, which I’m getting quite decent at making, at long last. It actually came out quite decently, and I’m pleased that I’m finally reaching the point where I can cook something and have it turn out well enough that I’m comfortable serving it to other people.

The only two problems that came up were:
1. Olive oil doesn’t get quite hot enough to do a traditional stir-fry with. Cooking time was about 25-30 minutes overall, instead of the more traditional “flash cooking” I’ve come to associate with stir fry.

2. It was supposed to be a chicken and vegetable stir-fry, but it turns out three hours wasn’t long enough to defrost the bone-in chicken breast I’ve got. Oh, well. I suppose I’ll have to find something to use them in tomorrow, probably something in the crock pot.

So… Anyone got any good crock-pot recipes that use four bone-in chicken breasts? *grin*


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