Quinoa and sweet potato

According to last week’s Montreal Gazette, quinoa is kosher for Passover. (Or, at least, many rabbis consider it so, and that’s good enough for me.) So when I was trying to find some sort of a not-rice, not-pasta side for my dinner, I decided to try out quinoa.

I found the recipe on various different sites that all say more-or-less the same thing: cook it like rice. So I dumped 1.5 cups of quinoa into a pot along with 3 cups of water, 1.5 tsp of salt, and set it to boiling. Once it boiled, I turned down the heat, covered it, and let it simmer. When all the water was absorbed, I took it off the heat and let it sit for another three minutes, and then I ate it.

While most sites I saw told me it should take 10-15 minutes for all the water to be absorbed, it took closer to 20-22. I think this is because I used 1.5 cups instead of 1 cup, like most of the recipes I consulted. Another note for next time: skip the salt. The final product is just on the good side of being too salty.

Served it with some cubed, boiled sweet potatoes, and it works surprisingly well together. Quinoa’s more expensive than rice, but definitely tasty and a good way to scratch my “I can’t have any grains” Passover itch.

Oh, and 1.5 cups of quinoa makes lots of leftovers.


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