Stir fry

Shh… Don’t say it too loudly, but I may actually be getting the hang of something in the kitchen. Yes, it looks like I’m finally comfortable enough with stir fries to cook them… drum roll please… without a recipe! (Don’t laugh. This is a big deal for me.)

I made two stir fries this week: The first was two chicken thighs (left over after making the tagine) and a bunch of leftover vegetables. Served it over rice, and even Marc agreed that it was very tasty. Today I realized that I still had a bunch of leftover vegetables, and moreover a bunch of leftover rice from the first stir fry, so I made up some fried rice. Which is stir fry, but with rice added. (I bet you’d never figure that out if I hadn’t told you. See how helpful I am?) I didn’t have any protein in it, so I cracked an egg over the top just as it was about to finish. Marc didn’t get to sample this one because he’s at his grandmother’s house having pizza, but I declare it very tasty as well.

Both times, it was relatively fast and quite tasty. I think I may be on to something here. Just don’t say it too loud. Even though Tempting Fate Day was on Wednesday, sometimes you just don’t want to take chances.


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