Quick bread update

In the end, the bread turned out very dense, but tasty. I don’t know why it was so dense: too much kneading, not enough kneading, wrong amount of some ingredient or another, wrong temperature in the oven… really, not a clue. My ignorance on this matter knows no bounds.

On the other hand, I happy to be a fan of very dense breads, so it worked out all right. And it was still tasty, even more so with a little butter on top.

Was it worth the time I spent making it? Maybe. Ask me again when it’s not so hot out. I suspect I’ll need someone to show me how to make bread properly before I do this again. I’ve really got absolutely no frame of reference to know whether it looks and feels right at the various stages before it goes into the oven.

Edited to add: In doing a bit of googling, I suspect my problem is: 1. I didn’t knead it properly, and 2. I didn’t knead it enough. It’s supposed to be quite fast in the foot processor, but by hand it’s clearly a longer proposition.


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