Ramekin berry crumble

Oh, baby, this is a dangerous recipe. I decided I wanted a snack tonight and stumbled across this recipe by Alton Brown for “individual berry crisps.” I have just two words: so. tasty.

Since I only wanted one, and my ramekins are on the small side (5-6 oz), I quartered all the recipe amounts, and I replaced the nuts with a package of plain oatmeal that seemed to be the right amount. For the “crushed cereal,” I used rice krispies. The fruit in this case was frozen raspberries.

The amounts for the crisp topping, even quartered, make a lot of leftovers. I’ve easily got enough for two or three more of these babies, and I’ve got some fresh raspberries and blackberries in the fridge. All I’ve got to do is toss them in a bowl with some cornstarch, sugar, and a little more topping and throw it into a ramekin to be 45 minutes away (maybe less!) from culinary bliss again. Like I said, dangerous, dangerous recipe.

Next time, I’ll know that it sinks down a bit when baking, so I can actually fill it over-full and not be too worried.

I ate it topped with a little vanilla ice cream… Two words. Just two words.


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