Butternut squash mac and cheese

Today’s experiment was butternut squash macaroni and cheese. I stuck remarkably close to the recipe, adding a bit more pasta (two boxes’ worth of elbow noodles from kraft dinner packages), and substituted the butternut squash puree with a baby food jar of butternut squash. (Thanks to one of the commenters for that tip!) I shredded the cheese myself: it worked out to about three-quarters of a regular brick.

All told, it was… fine. Perfectly edible, perfectly serviceable. But frankly, it’s nothing special. The taste is okay, but (let me reveal my roots as a child of the ’80s) I prefer the taste of boxed Kraft macaroni and cheese more.

I’ll finish the leftovers. But unless Marc thinks it’s knock-out-of-the-ballpark good, this one will probably not get made again. It’s a shame, too. I had such high hopes for this recipe.


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