Chocolate chip cookies

After my less-than-stellar experience last week with sugar cookies, I decided to try again, this time with chocolate chip cookies. I found a promising-looking recipe and decided to test it out.

In the end, they were quite tasty… and nothing at all like I expected.

According to the recipe, these are supposed to be flat-ish, chewy cookies, the sort you can break open with two hands and let the chocolate drip down your fingers. What I got instead were cookies that maintained their shape pretty well (indeed, I had to resort to flattening them with the bottom of a glass so they wouldn’t get too poofy), were chewy but not exceptionally so, and had a bit of crunch to them after they’d cooled off a bit. Don’t get me wrong: still very tasty and these will probably be my go-to cookies for Christmas presents, but it was odd that they came out so different from what I was expecting.

Another difference: I got way more than I expected. The recipe said it would make three dozen 3″ cookies. Instead, I got easily five dozen, and could probably have managed six if we weren’t all so interested in eating the raw cookie dough. The cookies were obviously smaller, and in the end took 11 minutes to bake instead of 15. And, actually, I think they still may have been a touch overdone. Either I left them 30-60 seconds too long or (given that I was using a friend’s oven with no oven thermometer) the oven ran a bit hot.

Based on the recommendation in the recipe and in this article, I chilled the cookie dough for almost 36 hours — I made the dough yesterday morning, wrapped it, and chilled it until this evening. Frankly, I don’t think it was necessary. Certainly it didn’t produce the results the authors were gushing about. I might chill the dough for an hour or so, just so it’s easier to handle, but I don’t think it needs a day and a half sitting in a fridge to be a perfectly good cookie.

Other useful information I must remember for next time: parchment paper is definitely the way to go; cookies get progressively better with every additional batch as you learn the specifics of the dough and the oven; and turning the tray halfway through baking works wonders.

Anyway, that’s it for this cookie recipe. Between the eight of us at the D&D game tonight, we managed to eat about three dozen cookies, as well as a fair amount of dough. So they couldn’t have been that bad!


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