Cornbread muffins

I hear a few of my readers out there in cyburbia confused at the title of this post. “But Julie,” I hear you cry, “haven’t you already made cornbread? Several times?” Yes, dear readers, I have. But both those recipes involve ingredients I either don’t have in the house right now (cranberries) or don’t feel like putzing around with (buttermilk). And yet another cornbread recipe I have didn’t turn out as well as I’d have liked.

So I started scanning around the Internet for a new cornbread muffin recipe. I was looking for highly-rated ones (one of the reasons I like the Internet much better than any cookbook is that I can read peoples’ reviews), and I came upon three: here, here, and here. Now, those astute readers who’ve actually clicked through to the recipes will notice what I noticed very quickly after reading them: they’re all the same recipe. Yes indeedy. Same quantities, same prep method, same baking time. And all three are highly rated. We’ve got a winner!

These are quick, easy, and I’m pretty much guaranteed to have all the ingredients around the house. And they’re super, super tasty! Marc and I agree we’ve got a keeper here, and this will probably be my go-to cornbread recipe from here on in.

I did learn a few things, though. First, the corn kernels must be thawed. This doesn’t take terribly long: put them in a strainer and run some water over them for a few minutes, then pat them dry with a paper towel. But I cannot stress enough how much better it worked with thawed kernels than a previous adventure where I put them into the dough still frozen. Second, while the butter must be softened, and usually I’ll take it out ahead of time for that purpose, today I just tossed it (slightly cut up) into the microwave for 15 seconds on high. Worked wonders. Also, I used salted butter. If anything, it only enhanced the flavor.

So there you have it: quick, easy, super-tasty. Definitely a keeper.


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