Tomato and white bean panade

Today I learned how to cook panade (a stew thickened with bread or breadcrumbs). Because the weather was so miserable out today and I didn’t feel like doing groceries, I decided to find a recipe I could make using stuff I already had in the pantry, and found this recipe for tomato and white bean panade. I followed the recipe pretty much exactly, except with less added salt (I don’t think I added any salt, actually) because I was using condensed chicken broth. Also, I left out the star anise, because who has star anise floating around, really? (If you have star anise in your pantry, don’t tell me. Leave me my illusions.) I actually did have fresh parmesan in the fridge, which was a very nice touch (as opposed to the packaged stuff I usually use, which isn’t great but lasts forever).

I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I was using my normal around-the-house bread, which is a whole-wheat flax bread. But actually, it turned out very tasty. It’s far from the most appetizing-looking dish you’ll ever see, but it’s filling, hearty, and wonderful for a yucky-weather night like this. The bread not only turned mushy but dissolved, so that Marc got a third of the way through his bowl before remarking “I haven’t hit a bread piece yet.” (Oh, yes, darling, you did. You just didn’t realize it. Mwahaha…)

I’d make this again. Very tasty, very filling, and aside from the parmesan, very cheap.


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