Being a bad girlfriend

Today is the first day (of two) where I will be baking all my holiday cookies. (Disclaimer: anyone who’s expecting presents from me will be getting cookies this year. This message brought to you by a year of unemployment.) My freezer is super-tiny, so I’ve got to make all the cookies very close to Christmas so they don’t go stale. So today I’m making all the dough and baking the spritz cookies, and tomorrow I’ll bake the chocolate chip cookies.

Of course, this has necessitated me being a bad girlfriend.

Marc likes sleeping in, and I don’t blame him. But once I get to the point of having the dough prepared, I’m going to need to access the oven every 3-4 minutes. If Marc is trying to make his omelet while I’m trying to make cookies, we will kill each other. So I’ve got to wake him up to tell him to get his breakfast ready, so I can start baking. Otherwise, there just won’t be time.

So I’m a bad girlfriend this morning. Hopefully the gift of raw chocolate chip cookie dough will put me back in the good books.


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