Christmas cookies, part 1

Okay, people. You’re going to get a lot of updates today, because I think if I don’t take occasional breaks to let off steam, I’ll go crazy. They’ll be behind cuts, so those who are uninterested in this particular adventure in cooking can move right along.

I entered the kitchen at 11:10 a.m., later than I would have liked. I was hoping to give Marc time to wake up and make breakfast before I invaded the kitchen, but lo it was not to be. He was still sleeping when I started making dough, and in fact only just woke up a few minutes ago.

So. Today’s plan was to pre-prepare the chocolate chip cookie dough for tomorrow then prep and make two batches of spritz cookies, some for tonight’s dinner part and some for Christmas gifts. Suffice it to say, an hour and a half in, and I’ve only prepped two (of four) batches of the chocolate chip, and I haven’t even looked at the spritz cookie stuff yet.

I started by making the chocolate chip cookie dough by hand. This posed two problems: 1. it’s slow, 2. I have a cut on the pad of my right thumb. You know, the stirring hand. The hand that needs to grasp the fork / wooden spoon / whatever and press really hard for extended periods of time. It doesn’t hurt tremendously (most of the time), but between washing the dishes and washing my hands, I’ve had to replace the bandaid at least four times already this morning.

After I’d gotten the butter and sugar nearly creamed, I thought to myself, “This is silly. I’ve got a perfectly functional food processor; why don’t I use that?” So I pulled it down off the shelf, finished creaming the butter and sugar in the food processor, mixed in the eggs and vanilla, added in half the flour, added in the other half the flour… and realized it absolutely wasn’t working. My food processor bowl is just too small, and the flour on top wasn’t mixing in properly.

So I dumped it back into the bowl and finished it off by hand. And resigned myself to doing all the rest of the cookies by hand too. Sigh. Other than the added time, I actually like doing it by hand better: I have much better control over the finished product. But it does take much longer.

Anyway, by this point it was about 11:50, and my kitchen was a mess. I hadn’t actually done the dishes from last night, and the food processor was taking up way too much counter space, so I decided to clean up a bit before tackling chocolate chip cookie dough batch two (of four). Did the dishes, filled my sugar container, changed by bandaid (sigh), and started in on batch two at exactly noon.

Batch two only took a half-hour, less time than my hand-and-food-processor hybrid. The dough seemed a bit more crumbly than usual, but it’ll be fine. That went into the fridge at 12:30, at which point I heard the pitter-patter of elephant feet which indicated Marc was awake. I informed him that the kitchen was off-limits for breakfast-making, so he’s off to the greasy spoon around the corner as I finish up typing this entry.

And now it’s 12:45 and time to make chocolate chip batch three. More updates as they appear.


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