Christmas cookies, part 2

Things were better for a while, then… not so much.

When last I wrote, I was about to start making chocolate chip cookies batch three. Halfway through that, I got tired of my own music and decided to put on some Christmas music. (It seemed appropriate.) The first station I listened to was an offbeat/funny Christmas song station, and after hearing 4-5 songs and disliking all of them, I switched to an instrumental-jazz Christmas song station. What can I say? ‘Tis the season.

Marc came back just as I finished putting batch three into the fridge. The first thing he did was mock me for listening to Christmas music, which I informed him he could change. The second thing he did was massage the back of my neck, which promptly made me lose count of how many cups of flour I’d put into the bowl and forced me to restart. He sat down, and I tried to tell him that it wasn’t that I minded him in the kitchen, it was just that he picked the least opportune moment to give me a massage… and promptly lost count of cups of flour again.

Anyway, I started working on batch four. By this point, I’d been in the kitchen for about two hours, stirring most of the time, and was kind of tetchy. Marc has been spending this week going cold turkey from coffee, and while he was away he had “just enough to make him human, but not enough to make him sociable.” So I tried to start conversation a few times, he gave short answers without any follow-up… it was frustrating.

He turned off the Christmas music and started my iTunes on shuffle. Just by chance, the first song that came on was “Marley and Marley” from the Muppets’ Christmas Carol. A few more songs played; I sent him downstairs to take out the recycling; the song playing when he came back was “Fairy Tale of New York”… also a Christmas Song. I was going to say something like, “See, this is actually good Christmas music” (it’s a song Marc and I both like and will sing along with at other times of the year), but he beat me to it with, “What, do you only have Christmas songs playing on your computer?”

Now, I know he meant it jokingly, but that was the last straw. Tetchy Julie is tetchy and inadvertently scared Marc out of the kitchen. I knew I wasn’t doing so great when I started pleading with the saran wrap not to keep bunching up. I determined to take a break after I finished the batch.

So batch four went into the kitchen and I rewarded myself (and Marc) with some raw cookie dough. Mmm… cookie dough. Now I’m going to have lunch. I think it’s time.

So… yeah. Three hours in the kitchen, and I’ve got four batches of chocolate chip cookie dough chilling in the fridge (probably enough for 20-22 dozen), but haven’t even started on the cookies I’ll need for tonight. In less than five hours. Sigh.

Right. Time for lunch.


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