Christmas cookies, part 3

My, my, my. What a packed last hour I’ve just experienced!

I took a half-hour off for lunch, and another ten minutes to do a bit more cleaning, before I embarked on the spritz cookies. I only encountered one small issue: I didn’t have enough margarine. See, I was making two batches, and had no idea that between them, they’d use up 100% of a margarine container. Marc’s been using the margarine for cooking his morning omelets, so I didn’t have *quite* enough for the second batch. Instead, the final 25% of that batch was replaced with butter, which I’m sure tastes great but made it a bit trickier to mix the dough. Ah, well. It all got done.

Around 3:20, I started putting the spritz cookies on the sheet, and I encountered yet another problem: my thumb bandaid made it pretty much impossible for me to sprinkle the sprinkles. So I called Marc in and gave him a task: sprinkle the cookies! Yes, ALL the cookies!

And from that moment onward, for the next hour or so, we were constantly busy. While I was using the cookie press to put the cookies on one sheet, Marc was putting sprinkles on another, and yet another batch was in the oven. Given that they only bake for about six and a half minutes, and I was turning them halfway through, both of us were pretty much constantly doing… something. In the end, I think I got about 16 or 17 dozen cookies out of those two batches, so it was well worth the effort. Marc is being nice now and washing all the dishes I messed up over the course of the day.

I encountered one weird thing as I was baking these cookies: one tray totally didn’t cook like the other two. Two of my trays are quite similar: dark-colored and fairly heavy. The last one is light-colored and slightly lighter. So while the two dark trays were baking the cookies perfectly in about six and a half minutes, the light-colored tray took at least eight minutes and the cookies still weren’t quite done. (Very tasty, no one will know the difference but me and Marc, but still…) Ah, well. At least I know not to use that tray tomorrow when I bake all the chocolate chip cookies.

So now I’ve just got to package up the cookies for tonight. Made it with two hours to spare! Yay!

Excuse me while I collapse now.


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