Christmas cookies, part 4

Today’s cookie adventure started early, but thankfully has been going much more smoothly.

I wanted to get all the chocolate chip cookies pre-rolled into balls, so all I’d have to do is transfer them onto the sheets as I needed them. I started around 10:30, I believe, and was done by around noon. Yes, it took a while. On the other hand, it meant that I wouldn’t need to bother rolling cookies all day.

And, my goodness, there are a lot of cookies! I made four batches of dough, and was averaging 50-60 cookies per batch. Which means I’ll have probably about 18 dozen cookies by the time everything’s done. Yay!

I’ve actually got the timing down to something of a science. The cookies take about 9 minutes to bake. It’s actually quite odd taking them out at 9 minutes, because they still don’t look quite done, but they really are. They bake a bit more on the tray when they come out of the oven, and they’re nice and chewy.

So anyway, timing. Down to a science. Despite only having two pans and a wire rack only big enough to hold two batches, I’ve got it down, baby! Counting down on my timer, it looks something like this:

9:00 — put in current batch of cookies, transfer most-cooled batch from wire wrack to plate
7:30 — browse internet for three minutes
4:30 — turn current batch for even baking, transfer most recent batch from pan to wire wrack
3:30 — put a dozen cookies on now-cooled pan, squish with bottom of cup
1:30 — browse internet for a minute and a half

Of course, as soon as I wrote out that little timeline, I went to go turn the tray around and wound up bumping on the edge of the oven, knocking over three cookies. Then, instinctively trying to prevent the pan from falling over, I touched it with two fingers of my non-oven-mitted hand. Owie! So now I’ve got two burnt fingers and a few cookies that don’t look so hot. Marc, bless him, did the tasks that needed to be done while I held my fingers under the water for a while.

I’ll tell ya, this’ll put a huge crimp in my typing for a while.


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