Un-chocolate chip cookies… with chocolate chips

Some of my readers might remember an experiment I tried a few months ago, which I called un-chocolate chip cookies. The idea was simple: take a chocolate chip cookie recipe, remove the chocolate chips, and see what it comes out like. The result was very nice: large, chewy, thin, and caramel-ly.

Tonight I decided to try them again, this time with the previously-omitted chocolate chips. And my, were there a lot of chocolate chips. The recipe called for three cups, which effectively increased the volume of the recipe by 50%. But I decided to try it as written.

The result, my friends, is not pretty. The first batch (cooked 11:30 minutes from dough that had had a chance to warm up a bit from the fridge) was overdone. Actually, having had one just now, the outer edge is crispy and the inside is still a bit goopy, and not in the good way, either.

The second batch (baked straight from the fridge for 10 minutes even) turned out way underdone. I mean, it still tastes all right, but it doesn’t hold together at all.

The third batch (baked straight from the fridge for 12 minutes) seems to be somewhere between batches one and two, but I’m still worried that the middle is going to be goopy, even after cooling.

The fourth batch is in the oven now; we’ll see how that turns out later. I don’t have high hopes.

I suspect a lot of the problem comes from the insane amount of chocolate chips. Even Marc claims that they’re too chocolaty, and that’s as close to blasphemy as you’ll ever hear him speak. In any case, I have a much better recipe that’s worked well every time I made it, so I think this tollhouse recipe is gonna go into the dust drawer. Way too finicky.


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