Cake frosting

I spent a very productive day with Marc’s mom yesterday, baking my little heart out. We have 6-7 types of cookies when we were done, and a carrot cake. The carrot cake was on my insistence, because Marc had bought a bag of carrots and I didn’t think we’d finish them before they went bad.

Instead of making a 9×13 sheet cake, though, we made two little bundt cakes, so that I could take one home for game today. Since the cake was still warm when I took it home, I opted to wait on frosting it until today, when it was nice and cool and not in danger of being tossed around on the metro. I made the recipe’s cream cheese frosting and then attempted to ice the cake.

Apparently you’re supposed to warm up frosting when you put it on a bundt cake, so that it dribbles down the sides and doesn’t stay all clumpy on the top. Did you know that? Not me!

It is, admittedly, not the most attractive frosting job in the history of frosting jobs. On the other hand, I’m sure it’s still perfectly tasty, and I for one look forward to trying it. (And anything that my guests don’t eat, I can! Yay!)


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