Cookies and bars

Earlier this week, I was in the mood to bake. Mostly I was in the mood to bake cookies. However, with only two eggs in the house, I had to be creative. Here’s what I made:

Brown Sugar Cookies — I baked these for only 6 minutes, as opposed to the 8-12 the recipe called for, because I like my cookies chewy. These came out very thin and still slightly chewy, but they also spread a lot. Despite the recipe claiming it would make 4 dozen cookies, for me it made barely 3 dozen. I don’t know what their version of “large teaspoonfuls” is, but it’s clearly not mine. Verdict: tasty, though it’s probably not going to be a go-to recipe.

“World Peace” Cookies — These were a sort of double-chocolate cookie without any egg. I found it extremely hard to tell when they were done, since the dark-brown color of the dough means there’s very few visual signs that the cookie is baked. Sadly, I think I overbaked these, despite cooking them for the exact time the recipe calls for (12 minutes). Verdict: Not a favorite. I doubt I’ll make these again.

Lemon Butter Bars — These were an experiment for me, because I had no lemons in the house. Instead, I used bottled lemon juice (the kind that comes in the little bottle that looks like a lemon) and omitted the zest. That said, they were still decently tasty. Verdict: The crust was absolutely the best part. I’d make these again if I ever had a lemon-bar craving.

Still looking for really good Christmas cookie recipes. I’ve got a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, and a really good spritz cookie recipe, but I need more!


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