Holiday Baking: Pre-game warmup

I’ve got six days of holiday baking scheduled this year, not counting tonight. This is partly because I learned my lesson about 6-hour baking days last year, and partly because I simply don’t have time to do very much baking on any given day, between work and various social commitments. I was getting so stressed for a while — 40 dozen cookies in two weeks, with tons of other time commitments! — that I made up a schedule of what I had to do on each day. Today’s task: prep the first batch of chocolate chip cookies and get them chilling so I can bake them on Friday.

As I did last year, I’m prepping all the dough by hand, which takes a little longer but requires far less cleanup. (I truly hate cleaning my food processor, and I don’t have a stand mixer of a hand mixer.)

In the end, it took me 25 minutes from the time I walked into the kitchen until I put the dough in the fridge. Not bad, all things considered. I was very smart and took the butter out of the fridge this morning, so it was super-soft and easy to work with by the time I came home this evening. Definitely gonna do that again. Sadly, forgot to take out the eggs when I started prepping, so I lost a few minutes bringing them up to room temperature. (Put eggs in large glass, put warm water in glass, swish eggs around a while, dump out water and replace with more warm water, repeat.)

I used smaller mixing bowls than usual (my 2nd and 3rd largest, instead of my two largest), which was a mistake. It works for other, smaller cookie recipes, but this one is too big. For the next two batches of this dough, I need the big bowls. In the end, I did the final mixing of the dough with my bare hands — the wooden spoon wasn’t getting the little flour bits off the bottom of the bowl. I mixed in the chocolate chips the same way.

So anyway, I’ve got dough in the fridge. It’ll be baked on Friday and replaced by two more bundles of dough, etc ad nauseam for the next week and a half. And, yes, I’m going to be posting about it every time I bake. For posterity. If you don’t like it, no one’s forcing you to read.

For now, shower and bedtime. It’s gonna be a long couple of weeks.


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