Holiday Baking: round one

Today’s game plan (slightly modified from originally intended): prepare chocolate chip cookies batch #2 and #3, roll all chocolate chip cookies into dough balls.

The first part of this plan was quite simple, actually. Learning from Wednesday’s minor inefficiencies, I made sure I had the eggs at room temperature, the butter nice and soft, and the big bowls out and ready to go. I had to refill the flour container and open a new bag of chocolate chips, but everything went pretty swimmingly.

My original plan had been to bake a batch of the chocolate chip cookies tonight, but since I have a few hours more tomorrow than anticipated, I decided to put it off. Instead, I chose to roll all the dough into balls so that I could just put them on the baking sheets tomorrow and go. (Because of the relatively short baking time, the need to turn them midway through, and the fact that I only have two good baking sheets and am constantly in motion while baking, I like to have the dough in ready-to-go balls beforehand.)

This, my friends, took time. A lot of time.

The dough that had been sitting in the fridge since Wednesday (batch #1) was quite hard and required a bit of force to pry apart with a spoon in order to roll. Batches #2 and #3 went smoother, having only been in the fridge an hour or so when I took them out to roll them.

The good news is it’s all done. The bad news is I think I may have messed up the sizes. I was anticipating (based on past results) that this dough would give me 5-6 dozen per batch. The first batch I rolled out gave me 10 dozen. (!) Deliberately rolling larger balls for the other two batches, I got slightly more than 7 dozen for each of them. So this means that instead of the intended 15-18 dozen cookies, I’ll actually have about 25 dozen. Which is great in that my cookie recipients get more cookies each, and bad in that I have to sit around and bake them all tomorrow.

As I recall, these cookies don’t spread too much. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to fit more than a dozen of the smaller ones on the tray at a time. Oh, well. We’ll see what happens.

The plan for tomorrow (round two): Bake all 25 dozen chocolate chip cookies, prep 3-4 batches of snickerdoodles. Also: send Marc out for more sugar, because I think I’m going to run out. For now: sleep, glorious sleep.


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