Holiday Baking: round two

Today’s baking was long but thankfully uneventful. I realized last night that I was running low on quite a few things, or at least would run low if I made four batches of snickerdoodles as opposed to the three I was planning. So my wonderful, wonderful mother came over this morning with a bagful of baking staples (flour, sugar, vanilla, butter, wax paper, etc.) and also some large containers I could put the finished cookies in.

I started baking around 10:00, and finished around 1:30. The bigger cookies (and bigger here, obviously, is only comparative) took about 9 minutes each; the smaller ones somewhere between 7 1/2 and 8. Which pretty much meant I got 2-3 minutes of free time per cookie batch, all things considered. But thankfully there were no disastrous events, no injuries… just lots and lots of time. Twenty-five dozen chocolate chip cookies. Whew!

Then I made up two double-batches of snickerdoodle dough, to bake tomorrow. And now I’m done. Time to play Game of Thrones.


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