Holiday Baking: round three

Yet again, another day without a major catastrophe. The plan today was to bake the four batches of snickerdoodles I prepped yesterday. I had a suspicion, though, that it would take me longer to roll out a dozen balls, coat them in cinnamon-sugar, and squish them down than I’d have available to me if I were going full-tilt in baking. I did a timed test run around 10:30, and, indeed, it took too long. (About 3-4 minutes, when I’ve only got two and a half.) So I spent an hour rolling seventeen dozen dough balls, all ready to go. The dough softened up quite a bit over the course of this, so I put all the dough balls into the fridge to cool down for a while.

It took me a while to figure out the right timing for these cookies. Eight minutes was clearly too long, seven just a touch too short. I wound up settling on 7 minutes and 15 seconds, which worked out okay. I think the sugar on the bottom of the cookie was throwing me off a bit, but I sampled two (for science!) and they taste great, so I’m not too worried.

In any case, the first batch went into the oven around 11:30 the last came out around 2:00. Given another 15-20 minutes to cool off the last batches, and I figure I’ve been in the hot kitchen about four and a half hours today. I have no idea how Marc’s mom manages her 9-hour baking marathons. I’m pooped!

Thankfully, no prep to do now. I’m off tomorrow — I’ve got D&D, and one must have priorities in life — and then Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be making spritz cookies, which don’t need a long chill time.

My mom will be over shortly to pick up all the cookies I’ve made so far to store them at her house. She’s got a large freezer and I’ve got a teeny-tiny one. Thanks, Mom! So that’s it for now.


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