Spiced brown sugar cookies

Okay, I admit it. I made these cookies purely based off the picture on the website. They look SO GOOD! And, as a bonus, all the measurements are already in grams, which is the way I like them. (I convert all my baking recipes to weight instead of volume the first time I make them. Saves a ton of hassle when you can do everything in one bowl without measuring cups.)

The one hiccup I had was that I didn’t have any “golden syrup,” which is apparently very common in the UK but much less so in North America. Nor did I have corn syrup to use as a replacement. In the end, I substituted an equal amount (1/3 cup, or 105 g) of maple syrup, because that’s what I had.

This recipe makes a lot of very small cookies, about 15-17 g / 1 level tbsp each. For me, it made four dozen exactly. Thankfully, they also don’t spread too much, so I was able to put two dozen on a single baking sheet and finish the whole thing in two batches. My powdered sugar coating came out blotchier than in the picture, probably because I just whisked the powdered sugar and didn’t actually sift it. Still, it looked nice enough, even if it did leave my counter covered in icing sugar.

Final verdict: tasty! A bit odd if you’re not expecting the spice, which hits at the back of the mouth, but tasty! And addictive! Because they’re so little, you can go through quite a lot in one sitting. I’d make these again, for sure.


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