Today, I came home with a need to eat something warm and bread-like, but not grainy like the whole-grain loaf I’ve got in my pantry. Ideally I wanted something like naan, but I was pretty much willing to settle for anything. So I started hunting around my various saved links and came upon an idea: biscuits. I’ve never made biscuits before, but from what I can tell, they’re fast, they’re easy, and they don’t require too many esoteric ingredients. (I do own some dry active yeast, but I have yet to build up the courage to use it.)

After reading through a bunch of recipes, I decided upon this one, because it didn’t involve any rolling out of dough (I don’t have a proper surface for it at the moment), didn’t involve “frozen” butter (as I’d found in another recipe) or buttermilk (which I can make, but it’s one extra step I didn’t feel like doing), and didn’t require futzing around with cookie cutters (see the “rolling out of dough” comment above).

A few surprises:
– 2 tsp of butter is really very little, more like a pat you’d get in one of those little containers at restaurants.
– Melted butter + cold milk = congealing butter. I meant to do that. I think.
– My oven didn’t want to go up to 450. I settled on 400, and baked for about 14 minutes.

In the end, this was super-fast and super-easy. The longest part was actually pre-heating the oven, which took about 6 minutes longer than putting together the dough. The recipe (amounts as given, not doubled) made eight large-ish biscuits, which are doughy and wonderful.

Marc and I agree that there needs to be a bit more salt and something to add sweetness to the dough. Next time, I’ll up the salt to 1/4 tsp and add 3 tbsp of honey and see how that comes out.

All that said, this recipe’s a keeper, if only because it’s so easy that I now know I can satisfy my “hot and bread-like” cravings (which I get on a fairly regular basis) with a minimum of fuss. Marc and I ate four right out of the oven, slathered with some butter, which is saying something about their deliciousness.

Whether the other four will last until tomorrow morning, and how they fare after they’ve cooled down, I can’t say. But even if they’re no good tomorrow, I can always halve the recipe in the future to give us a tasty little snack with dinners. Yay biscuits!


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