Funfetti cookies

Y’know, I’d never heard the term “funfetti” until a few months ago, and now I’m suddenly seeing it everywhere. I guess it’s the new hot trend in cooking. Well, that and cake pops. (God, how I hate cake pops. Tasty like cakes but gone far too quickly.)

Anyway, when I saw the pictures for these funfetti cookies I thought I might try them out. I mean, they’re certainly festive enough for my birthday!

They’re pretty simple to make, though they do use a lot of sprinkles. Almost a full jar of the straight ones. And they spread quite a bit; the recipe is right when it says you can only fit eight on a tray at a time. The recipe also doesn’t say how much it makes; I found it made 24, your mileage may vary. I also found I had to use my hands for mixing, especially for folding in the sprinkles. The wooden spoon and rubber spatula just weren’t working out.

In any case, they are very, very tasty and I’m going to have a hard time waiting until game to eat them. Because they’re really tasty. Soft and chewy with just a little crunch. Wonderful. I’ll make these again, though it means going through the sprinkles pretty darn fast.


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