Freezer meal: coconut curry chicken

Coconut curry chicken, bagged and ready to dump in the crock pot.

Coconut curry chicken, bagged and ready to dump in the crock pot.

After the huge freezer / crock pot meal prep day, it was time to try one. The first meal we tried was coconut curry chicken from this website. I think for this recipe I used breasts instead of thighs, because thighs were about twice the price of the on-sale breasts and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more money when I was already spending $170. Otherwise, I pretty much stuck to the recipe. Added a bit of cut-up sweet potato that was left over from an earlier recipe, but that’s about it. I used light coconut milk instead of regular because it’s about 1/3 the calories, and when you’re adding two cans, that adds up. I also didn’t add a full bag of peas — maybe a third or a half a bag. In any case, it was plenty.

The verdict: success! I served it on top of rice, which had the effect of making it a bulky soup as opposed to a sauce-on-rice, but it was still muchly tasty. Very, very filling. Even Marc could only get through one bowl. A very nice fall meal; I wouldn’t want to eat this in the heat of summer.

In the end, including the rice (about 3-ish cups, which I just dumped into the crock pot before putting all the leftovers into containers), it probably makes about 6 servings. Maybe 8 Julie-size servings or 5 Marc-size servings. So, plenty of leftovers for a few days’ lunch and tonight’s dinner for Marc. (I’ll be at D&D tonight).

So, I consider this off to a good start! Looking forward to figuring out what I’m going to have tomorrow!


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