Cinnamon roll in a mug

Some of you might remember a very old cooking adventure of mine, 5-minute chocolate cake, aka chocolate cake in a mug. It was an experiment using one of those email memes that have been going around forever, telling you that you can make a mini chocolate cake with just a mug and a microwave. It turned out… okay. Not so great that I ever made it again, but not so terrible that I wasn’t willing to eat it that first time.

Enter today, and a random article I found online listing 18 microwave snacks you can make in a mug. Friends, I couldn’t let this pass. I wanted to make all of them. Every single one. For science. And posterity.

Instead, I settled on the cinnamon roll in a mug. It was ridiculously simple, using only common stuff that any self-respecting baker would have in her house. (Except maybe the cream cheese for the icing and the applesauce, both of which which I did thankfully have). It was quite fast, though not quite the three minutes the article implies, at least not if you have to take down all the ingredients, measure them, and put them back. Still, quite fast, all things considered.

The only deviances I made from the recipe was using regular milk instead of buttermilk, and field-berry applesauce because I had some of the mott’s snack cups floating around. (Bonus points: eating the rest of the snack cup while the cinnamon roll “bakes.”)

I mixed up the icing inside a plastic sandwich bag (smushing it around with my hands), and snipped off the corner so that I could pipe it into the mug. It was horribly messy, not even close to the beautiful spiral in the picture, but it was tasty, and that’s the important thing.

The other important thing is that this recipe was surprisingly tasty! It might not be restaurant-quality cake, it might not even be cinnabon quality cake… but it was very tasty. Especially with the frosting. I would definitely make this again. But not too much, because there are 17 other recipes to try. *grin*


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