Meal planning

My very first meal plan

My very first meal plan

Perhaps it was a stupid decision to make my first meal plan the same week I had an intermittent high fever for the first four days. But I was feeling okay when I made it (for certain definitions of “okay”), and I’d been tired of getting to 6 pm, looking around my kitchen, and saying, “There’s nothing here to eat,” so I figured it was the time.

To the right is a picture of my very first meal plan ever. I had plans, people. Big plans. That were mostly completely FUBARed after about Wednesday.

Monday actually went off more or less as planned. Marc and I did grocery shopping and picked up salads (for lunches) and the ingredients we’d need for taco meat and the crock pot chicken I like to make. Lunch was salad with the re-hard-boiled eggs I’d made Sunday, and in fact I had salads with egg for most of my lunches, as planned.

By the time Monday evening hit, I was getting feverish again (I think it reached almost 103 F at one point), but Marc was very helpful and between the two of us we managed to chop some veggies, cook the meat, and have supper. I didn’t really have an appetite, but I forced myself, because calories are a good thing when you’re sick.

Tuesday was a day of doctors and illness. I had a low fever for most of the day and definitely didn’t feel like cooking. We decided the crock pot chicken I’d planned for Tuesday would just have to wait. We had leftover taco meat and rice, I believe.

Wednesday I made the crock pot chicken, which is a relatively easy dish of potatoes, carrots, onions, and chicken drumsticks rubbed in an herb-and-oil mixture. It took a while to prep all the veggies (repeat after me: I hate fever), but once it was in the crock pot, it was pretty hands-off. Which is good because Marc was running a game Wednesday night and we wouldn’t have had time to do a “real” dinner anyway.

Thursday my fever spiked again in the afternoon, going all the way up to 103 again. (Boo!) I was exhausted and did no cooking. Thankfully, we had lots of leftovers. (Almost none of which I ate.) Marc had an overnight work shift, so he didn’t really have too many of the leftovers either. Thankfully, Marc’s mom was in the area and kindly brought over some groceries to replace stuff that was running out: orange juice, eggs, fruit, etc. Unfortunately I’d forgotten to ask her to buy salad. Oops.

By Friday, the fever was back to its low-grade manageable state. The salad I’d picked up Monday was no longer good for eating, so I had the last of the hard-boiled eggs for lunch and half a grilled-cheese sandwich with bacon and roasted shallots for supper at a local street fair with a friend. I was feeling pretty good by Friday evening and wanted to go out, but Marc was on another overnight shift. Instead, I went with my brother to Juliette et Chocolat and had an expensive but tasty dessert to follow up the expensive but tasty grilled cheese. No leftovers were eaten.

Saturday I meandered the street fair again but ultimately wound up skipping lunch and buying some sushi for a late lunch / early dinner. Again, didn’t eat any leftovers, because the sushi was filling and I didn’t feel like eating again until almost bedtime, when I just had a little snack.

Yesterday (Sunday) was my grandfather’s unveiling, so lunch was at my aunt’s house with relatives and friends-of-family. Then Marc and I went to a movie using some coupons my mom had kindly given us which included popcorn and drinks, so I wasn’t hungry for dinner until well after 9 pm. I had some leftovers at long last, but there are still quite a few left.

So that’s where things stand. Even though I’d planned on cooking Thursday and maybe Saturday, that didn’t happen. We have enough chicken left over for one or two servings, and enough vegetable leftovers for maybe four. (The crock pot chicken makes a lot of leftover vegetables.) We’ve got some leftover rice and about 2-3 cups of leftover cooking liquid from the chicken, effectively a chicken broth, that I’d really like to do something with in the next day or two. No idea what, though.

I never got around to making the vegetable stock from all the vegetable scraps I’ve accumulated in my cooking for the last week or two, but I’d really like to do that soon-ish, if only so that the vegetable scraps aren’t taking up space in my tiny freezer.

The good news is that there was always food in the house to eat, which I suppose is the point of meal planning. The bad news is that plans went completely out the window by Wednesday, and the things we had in the house to eat were not always the things I wanted to eat. (Hence eating out Friday and Saturday evenings.)

Will I do it again? Maybe. Probably. But with the firm knowledge that meal plans, like all plans, rarely survive contact with reality.


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