Almond, Basil, Cloves is a blog chronicling my adventures in cooking. I started off knowing absolutely nothing. Now, thanks in large part of a lifetime subscription to Rouxbe and quite a lot of trial and error, I know a little more than nothing. I try to rarely make the same mistake twice, but there are so many mistakes out there to make!

Unlike most cooking blogs, Almond, Basil, Cloves tries to show both the successes and the failures, the times that I got things wrong, the times that I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Partly, this is so experienced cooks can laugh at me (and maybe give me some advice) and partly to counteract the Pinterest trend of thinking that everything has to be perfect. It doesn’t. Trust me. And when things go wrong, a pizza is only a phone call away.

One note about pictures: you’ll find that far more posts have pictures starting around June 2012, when I got my first smart-phone and was able to easily take and upload pictures to the ‘net. If you’re a visual sorta person, you might want to start your reading around then.


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