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Meal planning

My very first meal plan

My very first meal plan

Perhaps it was a stupid decision to make my first meal plan the same week I had an intermittent high fever for the first four days. But I was feeling okay when I made it (for certain definitions of “okay”), and I’d been tired of getting to 6 pm, looking around my kitchen, and saying, “There’s nothing here to eat,” so I figured it was the time.

To the right is a picture of my very first meal plan ever. I had plans, people. Big plans. That were mostly completely FUBARed after about Wednesday.

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Thoughts on living without a kitchen

Those who have been following the story on Facebook know that Marc and I are in the middle of having our kitchen completely renovated – right down to redoing the drywall and the hardwood under the sub-floor. Consequently, we’ve been living without a kitchen for a week and a half.

Microwave in the makeshift kitchen

Microwave in the makeshift kitchen

We’ve set up a temporary kitchen of sorts in Marc’s office, with a microwave and a crockpot, along with some kitchen pantry staples. We also have a kettle, which we’ve used a lot, and a hot plate, which I don’t think we’ve used once. Marc has been making his morning coffee in a French press. Thankfully, we still have access to our fridge and freezer, which has been helpfully moved into our entryway.

Obviously, there’s been a bit of change in our diets for the last week and a half. We’re usually rice people, but then I realized you can make couscous with water that’s been boiled in the kettle, so couscous has become our staple grain. (Though Marc’s brother has offered to lend us his rice cooker, which would be awesome.) We’ve been eating a lot of stewy/soupy crockpot meals, from the various freezer bags I prepped a while ago. This has been a godsend, because it means we have home-cooked meals without actually needing to do much cooking, but I admit I’m starting to get a bit tired of stews with couscous. And this is even considering that I usually buy all my weekday lunches and eat about half my dinners out of the house.

Breakfast was going okay… until about Sunday. Instead of our usual home-made breads (which are just too inconvenient to make in the makeshift kitchen), we’ve been eating store-bought bread. It’s so terrible compared to the home-made stuff, but it’s convenient. (I swear I’m never going back to store-bought sandwich bread after this.) We have peanut butter, yogurt, milk, cereal, juice… all the typical morning stuff. Marc can’t make his eggs, but we were doing okay. Until stuff started running out and we had no time to do groceries to replace them. I actually bought breakfast yesterday at Tim Horton’s because there was no breakfast food at home except oatmeal. But Marc did groceries yesterday, so we should be okay for a little while.

The thing I’m missing most — more than the stove, more than the rice, more even than being able to bake on a whim — is my sink. Oh, how I miss my kitchen sink. We’ve been doing dishes in a basin in the bathtub. I started very diligently doing them once a day. Then I started sliding a bit. Marc did them a few times, but we’ve been bad little boys and girls. We use paper plates and bowls, but real cutlery and cups… though I’ve started using disposable cups because I’m just too lazy/tired/etc. to do the dishes frequently to have “real” cups whenever I want them. I really, really miss my sink.

Otherwise, we’re doing okay. We’ve been eating out somewhat more than normal, but not unreasonably so. The current time estimate for the renovations are all of this week and a few days next week. In theory they were supposed to end tomorrow. That is not going to happen. This is my surprised face. </deadpan>

So that’s it. Life without a kitchen continues apace. We’ll survive, and it will be gorgeous when it’s done. But I’d really like a sink again. And some rice.

Being a bad girlfriend

Today is the first day (of two) where I will be baking all my holiday cookies. (Disclaimer: anyone who’s expecting presents from me will be getting cookies this year. This message brought to you by a year of unemployment.) My freezer is super-tiny, so I’ve got to make all the cookies very close to Christmas so they don’t go stale. So today I’m making all the dough and baking the spritz cookies, and tomorrow I’ll bake the chocolate chip cookies.

Of course, this has necessitated me being a bad girlfriend.

Marc likes sleeping in, and I don’t blame him. But once I get to the point of having the dough prepared, I’m going to need to access the oven every 3-4 minutes. If Marc is trying to make his omelet while I’m trying to make cookies, we will kill each other. So I’ve got to wake him up to tell him to get his breakfast ready, so I can start baking. Otherwise, there just won’t be time.

So I’m a bad girlfriend this morning. Hopefully the gift of raw chocolate chip cookie dough will put me back in the good books.

On (not) eating at home

One of the things about moving out was that I really, really thought I’d be eating at home more often. I was looking forward to learning how to cook and all that jazz. Except it hasn’t seemed to happen that was. Given that evenings are my socializing time, I find that I’m not home for dinner all that often. To take just the last week as an example:

– Saturday lunch was Zyng in the West Island while Marc and I did errands. Saturday dinner was a friend’s birthday at Dragon Rouge.
– Sunday breakfast was Belle Province with Marc’s family. Sunday dinner I got home quite late from my mom’s place and had, I think, leftover soup.
– Monday I was home for dinner.
– Tuesday my aunt treated Marc and I to Baton Rouge.
– Wednesday was order-in pizza at the D&D game.
– Thursday (yesterday) breakfast was Eggspectations with my mom. Thursday dinner I got home late from work and had, I think, leftover soup.
– Friday (today) Marc and I are double-dating with some friends at Reuben’s for dinner.
– Saturday (tomorrow) we’re going up to my dad’s country place for ribs.

So out of eight days, I’ve had one proper dinner at home and two more that were rushed, “what do we have that I can reheat in less than three minutes?” affairs. I’ve eaten out six times (seven if you count the pizza).

I’m not really complaining. I mean, I like getting together with people and eating out (though my waistline isn’t particularly happy). But it makes meal planning kinda difficult. Also groceries. I mean, how much do you buy if you don’t know whether you’re going to be home for two dinners or five a week? Sigh. Ah, the challenges of living on one’s own.