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Cake decorating!

Here fishy-fishy-fishy!

Here fishy-fishy-fishy!

Today I attended my first-ever cake decorating class. Marc’s mom is an awesome cake bakerĀ and cake decorator, and I still remember the amazing cakes my mom used to make when I was growing up. Sadly, I am not the equal of either of them. I’ve made lots and lots of cookies and quite a number of muffins, but very few cakes. But this weekend was the Montreal cake show, and Marc’s mom got some complimentary tickets to an introductory cake decorating class, so I decided the time had come for me to make my baked goods look pretty.

We learned a number of things, practicing on wax paper: how to put on a base coat of icing, how to make waving lines and zigzags, how to make little stars, all those basic things you might want to know. We also got to play around with different colors and learned a nifty trick involving tracing a pattern onto a piece of wax paper with clear or lightly colored special icing, then transferring that to the cake. Cool stuff.

I decided to decorate my cake with a fish. And all I could think of while I was doing it was the old Sesame Street sketch where Ernie and Bert are in the boat fishing, and Ernie keeps calling the fish into the boat with him. “Heeeeerrrreeeee fishy-fishy-fishy!” *ka-thump!*