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Baking day

So... much... sugar...

So… much… sugar…

Today is baking day with Marc’s mom, in preparation for the Jewish holidays. It’s early in the day yet: there are only 6 types of cookies made so far. We’ve still got plenty more to go, not to mention some bar cookies and maybe some cakes. (*dies of sugar overdose*)


Cooking in somebody else’s kitchen

The evening of New Year’s Day, I was playing D&D. And since I was at the host’s house pretty much all day, I decided it might be nice to have some baked goods for the game. Specifically, chai gingerbread bars, because the host had indicated that he likes them, and I aim to please.

Now, this is a recipe that I’ve made quite a number of times, am quite comfortable with, and figured it wouldn’t be too much of a problem, except for one small thing: my friend isn’t a baker.

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Holiday baking 2012

Holiday cookies for everyone!

Holiday cookies for everyone!

It’s that time of year again… time for more holiday baking! This year we had chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, gingerbread teddy bears, sugar cookie stars, and dark-chocolate cranberry icebox cookies. About 20 recipients got nice, full tins as their holiday presents. And now I’m wiped. Excuse me while I go collapse.


New stand mixer!

New KitchenAid stand mixer in action!

New KitchenAid stand mixer in action!

My super-awesome aunt and uncle decided that they wanted to get me a “just because we love you” present. And since they know I do a lot of baking, they wanted to get me a stand mixer. I got a really amazing KitchenAid professional-quality mixer, which is going to be so helpful during my holiday baking this year. (60-75 dozen cookies gets tiring on the arms!) To thank them, I decided to make some of my favorite chocolate chip cookies.

It was fast! It was easy! It was… unpainful on the arms! Yay for presents!

The quest for Grandma Eva’s mandelbread, part 1

Sadly not my Grandma Eva's mandelbread.

Sadly not my Grandma Eva’s mandelbread.

When I was a kid, my absolute favorite cookie of all time was my Great-Grandma Eva’s mandelbread. I was not alone in this: they were a family favorite that no one could get enough of. And no one could ever replicate properly. (Some family members say this is because Grandma Eva made them by hand; she always insisted it was because she stuck her thumb into the dough just before forming it into loaves.) I used to make it with her when I was little, but alas she passed away before I ever thought to get the recipe from her. No one has it that I’m aware of. It’s lost in the mists of time.

Now, the thing about Grandma Eva’s mandelbread is that, unlike most mandelbread or biscotti recipes, they were not twice-baked. This gave them a soft, crumbly texture instead of the hard, tooth-breaking texture of most of its ilk. I decided, for posterity and in homage to Grandma Eva, that I would start trying to find a replacement recipe that — I hope — might one day be as good as hers.

These are not those cookies. They’re quite tasty, but they’re not Grandma Eva’s mandelbread. More testing will be required.

Funfetti cookies

Y’know, I’d never heard the term “funfetti” until a few months ago, and now I’m suddenly seeing it everywhere. I guess it’s the new hot trend in cooking. Well, that and cake pops. (God, how I hate cake pops. Tasty like cakes but gone far too quickly.)

Anyway, when I saw the pictures for these funfetti cookies I thought I might try them out. I mean, they’re certainly festive enough for my birthday!

They’re pretty simple to make, though they do use a lot of sprinkles. Almost a full jar of the straight ones. And they spread quite a bit; the recipe is right when it says you can only fit eight on a tray at a time. The recipe also doesn’t say how much it makes; I found it made 24, your mileage may vary. I also found I had to use my hands for mixing, especially for folding in the sprinkles. The wooden spoon and rubber spatula just weren’t working out.

In any case, they are very, very tasty and I’m going to have a hard time waiting until game to eat them. Because they’re really tasty. Soft and chewy with just a little crunch. Wonderful. I’ll make these again, though it means going through the sprinkles pretty darn fast.

Spiced brown sugar cookies

Okay, I admit it. I made these cookies purely based off the picture on the website. They look SO GOOD! And, as a bonus, all the measurements are already in grams, which is the way I like them. (I convert all my baking recipes to weight instead of volume the first time I make them. Saves a ton of hassle when you can do everything in one bowl without measuring cups.)

The one hiccup I had was that I didn’t have any “golden syrup,” which is apparently very common in the UK but much less so in North America. Nor did I have corn syrup to use as a replacement. In the end, I substituted an equal amount (1/3 cup, or 105 g) of maple syrup, because that’s what I had.

This recipe makes a lot of very small cookies, about 15-17 g / 1 level tbsp each. For me, it made four dozen exactly. Thankfully, they also don’t spread too much, so I was able to put two dozen on a single baking sheet and finish the whole thing in two batches. My powdered sugar coating came out blotchier than in the picture, probably because I just whisked the powdered sugar and didn’t actually sift it. Still, it looked nice enough, even if it did leave my counter covered in icing sugar.

Final verdict: tasty! A bit odd if you’re not expecting the spice, which hits at the back of the mouth, but tasty! And addictive! Because they’re so little, you can go through quite a lot in one sitting. I’d make these again, for sure.