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Osso “Buko”

In my continuing quest to learn to cook, I’m using two main sources: a lifetime membership to Rouxbe, and the much cheaper book The 4-Hour Chef, by Tim Ferriss. Tonight was an adventure from the latter source. His first adventure, you might say.

See, instead of most cookbooks (even most beginner cookbooks) that might have a whole bunch of appetizers, then a whole bunch of soups, then a whole bunch of poultry dishes and so on, Ferriss organizes the main section of his book (“Domestic”) from easy to less-easy. A list of the recipe titles, in order, can be found here (pdf). You might notice the first one is Osso “Buko”, a sort of cheater’s version of Ossobuco. Ferriss calls this “an amazing standby dish that will never fail you.” I decided to give it a try.

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Dinner that didn’t suck

I may have just experienced my first successful cooking adventure. And by “successful,” I mean, “it came out the way I was expecting and wanted.”

It wasn’t particularly fancy: broiled lamb burgers (cooked from frozen, packaged, store-bought ones) on a half-bun; steamed asparagus; and half a sweet potato. Despite the sweet potato mildly exploding in the microwave (I pierced it, but put it in for too long), the asparagus-water boiling over and needing to be rapidly reduced in temperature, and my accidentally cutting the lamb burger too soon and letting the juices run out, it actually all turned out just the way I wanted. The asparagus wasn’t too mushy; the potato, though a bit reduced in size, was still quite tasty; and the burgers were cooked through and very nice. I had planned to add a salad to the mix, but it actually didn’t need it. (I should only have eaten half the burger, I’m so full now.)

So… yay for that! And yay for lots of fresh food in the fridge. Who knows what I’ll come up with next. (Answer: probably not much other than sandwiches and interesting salads… but you never know.)